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Authors Are Rockstars Tour: Jodi Meadows Top Three List + Giveaway

The day has come (I always wanted to say this) and it's bright and shiny (at least here). I'm honored, happy and giddy to be able to participate in this A-WE-SO-ME blog tour because we all know authors ROCK! Woohoo!!!

Sure you know what I am talking about, right? In case you don't: Welcome to the Authors are Rockstars Blog Tour brought to you thanks to Rachel @ Fiktshun and Jaime and Patricia @ Two Chicks on Books. Thanks for your amazing work, gals, you are amazing!

For my stop I have the pleasure to host... *drum roll*... Jodi Meadows, author of Incarnate and its
upcoming sequel Asunder.

And why do I think Jodi rocks? Well, I'm going to list 4 things (but I could write a whole lot more):
- Jodi likes to knit and she does beautiful things. She even spins her own yarn!
- Her debut novel, Incarnate blew me away and I'm dying to read the sequel! *kneeling and praying the book gets in Netgalley*
- She loves chocolate! ( Hey, this is a very valid reason to like someone even more :] )
- She cares about what she writes makes sense and it's correct, and for that she makes a lot of research. And that is just wonderful 'cause, you know, she cares about us.

Meet the author:

Jodi Meadows

The official stuff:
Jodi Meadows lives and writes in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, with her husband, a Kippy*, and an alarming number of ferrets. She is a confessed book addict, and has wanted to be a writer ever since she decided against becoming an astronaut.
(*A Kippy is a cat.)

The unofficial stuff:
Like many writers, I’ve always wanted to do this professionally. You know, after I decided against being an astronaut.

Unlike many writers, I didn’t skip straight from picture books to adult novels. I have fond memories of going to Bookstop every month for the latest Baby-Sitters Club (which I kept reading, even after I realized they were never going to let the paranormal elements be real), and even fonder memories of hanging out in my middle school library. The librarians probably knew exactly what they were doing when they suggested book after book and discussed them with me at length. I, of course, had no clue they were turning me into a book addict, but it worked out for the best. Once I found the books where magic and other fantastic elements were real, I was hooked.

When I was twenty, I met a boy, moved 1,500 miles, and married him all within six months. I now realize that was crazy and dangerous, but it seemed natural at the time and, again, worked out for the best. Not only did we stay madly in love, he worked full time at a hard job so I could stay home to write books and, hopefully, one day get published.

The other crazy thing we did was fall in love with ferrets. They have their own bedroom.

My hobbies, aside from spending all my money on books and Kippy/ferret treats, revolve around yarn. I love crocheting, knitting, and spinning. In addition to several handspindles, I share my living room with a spinning wheel named Bob.

Her AMAZING books:

And for my blog stop I asked Jodi to write a Top Three List of things about her, are you ready to have some fun and get some incredible information?

Jodi Meadow's Top Three List

*Three songs that make you jump up and down*
- "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen -- This song always reminds me of my friends.
- "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele -- I run on the elliptical to this song and it always makes me feel strong.
- "Forever" by Chris Brown -- I saw a video of a bride and groom dancing up the aisle to this song and it made me so, so happy.
(LibrarianMouse: I love Rolling in the Deep, it's so beautiful! And now I've added the other two songs to my iTunes xD).

*Three dishes that make you drool*
- Chocolate anything.
- Baked goods anything.
- Anything that involves pasta and tomato sauce. Bonus points for cheese.
(LibrarianMouse: Suddenly I feel very hungry...)

*Three insects that make you run (or cringe)*
- Spiders.
- Ants.
- Centipedes.
(LibrarianMouse: I hear ya. Totally. But I would have to add cockroaches... they just make me jump and
run as fast as I can...)

*Three countries you want to visit before you die*
- Canada (I mean, it's right there).
- All the other countries (I'm not awesome at picking favorites).
- The moon.
(LibrarianMouse: The moon! Why I never thought of that? Nowadays, if you are utterly rich -and I mean, truly utterly rich- you can even book a trip! True story).

*Three villains you like (or don’t hate that much)*
- Sylar from HEROS. He's just so creepy yet sympathetic.
- The Darkling from SHADOW AND BONE by Leigh Bardugo. Swoon. I mean, he's totally scary and I almost never like the bad boy. But swoon.
- Magneto from X-MEN (preferably the First Class incarnation). Sympathetic even when he's being totally awful.
(LibrarianMouse: Oh, Sylar... sweet memories of blood and murderers... He is truly one of those villains
that are just way too sympathetic. And Magneto too, that's true. But I still have to read Shadow and
Bone^^U My addition would be the Joker from The Dark Knight; I mean, Heath Ledger nailed it!)

*Three current TV series you love watching*
- FRINGE! Pseudo-science, mad scientists, creepy/weird investigations, and a dash of romance. *hugs it forever*
- SUPERNATURAL! Amazing and heart-wrenching sibling relationship, supernatural mysteries, and some of the best dialogue out there.
- CASTLE! Sassy characters, a writer, and New York City. How is that not awesome?
(LibrarianMouse: Fringe and Supernatural are in my favorite TV series too! But I've never watch Castle so now might be a good time, don't you think?)

*Three things you learned past month*
- Chocolate is bad for acid reflux.
- People who spend too much time on the internet are at higher risk for depression.
- When you're exposed to the vacuum of space, you don't explode, even though it's called explosive decompression. What actually happens is this: after about 15 seconds, you pass out from anoxia (and then die after a couple of minutes of that). Meanwhile, your body is decompressing, which means your exposed areas are swelling, your body fluids closest to the surface are boiling (even the spit in your mouth), and you're probably getting a nasty sunburn.
Aren't you glad you asked?
(LibrarianMouse: This is one of those rare moments when I think "Why? Why did I have to ask?!" So yeah, all of you who read this, please, don't kill me).

*Three movie kisses’ you can’t forget (or book kisses’)*
- Princess Buttercup and Westley in THE PRINCESS BRIDE.
- Anna and St. Claire in the park in ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS.
- I still haven't seen this movie, but . . . this kiss from CATCH AND RELEASE. *fans self*

(LibrarianMouse: I have to find this movie! That kiss was so... so full of passion, oh my gosh).

*Three favorite pieces you like to knitt*
- Mitts!

- Socks!

- Anything involving silk.

*And since my blog is called “Librarian Mouse” I have to ask: after checking your webpage I know
you like cheese (yay!), so what’s your favorite one? Or favorite dish with cheese? Any recipe you
would like to share with us?*

- The cheese thing comes from the Cheese Pact I have with authors Gwen Hayes and Bria Quinlan. We've
all vowed to put cheese in every book we write. No book is without cheese.
That said, my favorite cheese is cream cheese frosting. You know. Like on cake.
(LibrarianMouse: In the name of my little white mouse, kudos for the Cheese Pact!).


And now for the giveaway part :] Since I really liked Incarnate I want to offer one copy to one winner. Or, if the winner has already read Incarnate then a pre-order of Asunder. And because Jodi is awesome she will send the winner a signed bookplate!

The only thing you need to do is fill the rafflecopter form and cross your fingers ;) And as always, since the giveaway is hosted by myself, it's INTERNATIONAL!!!

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