About Me

Hi world! So, this section is About Me so... Let's get started!

What my friends say about me: Crazy, sweet, annoying, cute, sarcastic, caring, funny and other things in Spanish and Portugues that I don't really know how to translate xD But you get the idea.

The name: Think of me as Alaiel (Hum? Want to know my real name? It's at the bottom of this so just keep reading^^).

Age: Do you really want to know? ... Really?! ... Sigh. Ok, ok, I'm 26 years old.

Country: Now, you see, that is a tricky one. I was born in Lima (my mom is from Peru) but I was raised in Spain (my dad is Spanish) and I lived in other countries like Brasil (and I'm totally in love with that country! The food, the people, the beaches, the cities... you name it, I love it) but right now I'm living in Switzerland (the things I do for love...). See? Tricky, I told you. Therefore my answer is... I have no country, I'm a citizen of the whole world!

Passions: Books, no particular genre meaning I like classics, YA, fantasy, paranormal romances, dystopian, thrillers, historical fiction, comics and manga, zombies, adult books and maybe, just maybe horror books... but that is difficult.
I also like TV series and going to the cinema (I'm considering a section for that. Movies and series that is, but will see).

Dreams: I'm an aspiring author so, can you guess my dream? To publish my books one day :D

Family: Yes, I'm the proud mother of one cute baby... that has furr. Hum? Surprised? Well, don't be. He is not weird, he is just a Schnauzer named Coren.
And my husband that has helped me a lot with my blog and who gave me the idea for the name of it since he calls me "ratón bibliotecario" (librarian mouse, that is).

Weird things about me:
1º For some reason my friends, family and even people I just met feel that they can tell me everything and so they do. And I happen to be a good listener and I do care for everybody so I try to help as much as I can (I'm also studying Psychology so that helps, hehe).
2º I don't believe in alternate realities, at least I haven't think about it too much but almost every time I cross a street I have this strange thought that maybe, in another reality, a car is passing through me in that exact moment.  Weird, huh?
3º I totally LOVE Indian movies and songs! With subs in English, of course ;)
4º I discovered that I like to cook so I do. Chinese, Indian, Peruvian and Japanese food are my favorites.

And... well, I think that's it! Did you really read all this?! Well, thank you very much! You deserve a prize so... one hug for you! Free of charge, of course.

I hope you have a good time here, find some friends to talk about whatever you want and please, send me a message or write a comment if you want to tell me something.


P.S: I almost forgot, my real name is... Alexandra :D