Thursday, August 9, 2012

World Wide Covers! #5 (My new meme)

Hello everyone and welcome to World Wide Covers!, woohoo!

A quick recap:
What is this about? Well, most book lovers also enjoy pretty covers, right? Pretty covers help the selling of certain books improving the attention they may get. And we like to stare at them for as long as we can.
But what about the covers of other countries? What about the marvelous covers some publishers release for the books? We never get to see them unless we go looking for them.

This is were World Wide Covers! steps in. Maybe I will post a comparison or maybe I will show you a certain cover for a graphic novel. Some news you may find interesting.
From where? Everywhere! Japan, Korea, India, Brasil, Spain, Italy, Germany, etc, etc.

Can you participate? Of course, the more the merrier, right? So here are the rules:
- Create a post using the meme button sharing some love for the covers we don't usually find.
- Credit my blog, Librarian Mouse, by mention it or linking back here.
- Have fun!
There is nor a special day to post this meme since you may find pretty covers any day but I will try to stick to Thursdays as long as I can.

This week World Wide Covers! features City of Glass by Cassandra Clare.

City of Glass US cover

For the last two weeks I've been featuring the Bulgarian covers of The Mortal Instruments and today is the last time, at least for now. Like the others two this cover is absolutely gorgeous too, want to see it?

City of Glass

by Cassandra Clare
Release date: 29th October, 2010
Publisher: ИБИС

Summary from Goodreads: (translated by Google)
City of Glass will leave you breathless!
I'll grab the first page and you will held in suspense until the last one. Saturated with emotional and unexpected twists, the long awaited book answers all the questions.

The third book takes us into the capital of the Nephilim - Alicante, city of glass. Plagued by subversive intrigue, the world of the Shadow Hunters is under threat. The situation is exacerbated. The war with Valentine and his army of demons seems inevitable. The battle for the last Deathly Hallow has begun...

Honestly, maybe this one is not as good as the others but I do have to say something about it.

What? The city! Do you see it? It's absolutely stunning! It looks completely like a glass city would, don't you think? And the green and yellow that complement the whole work just make it stand out even more :D

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