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World Wide Covers! #6

Hello everyone and welcome to World Wide Covers!, woohoo!

A quick recap:
What is this about? Well, most book lovers also enjoy pretty covers, right? Pretty covers help the selling of certain books improving the attention they may get. And we like to stare at them for as long as we can.
But what about the covers of other countries? What about the marvelous covers some publishers release for the books? We never get to see them unless we go looking for them.

This is were World Wide Covers! steps in. Maybe I will post a comparison or maybe I will show you a certain cover for a graphic novel. Some news you may find interesting.
From where? Everywhere! Japan, Korea, India, Brasil, Spain, Italy, Germany, etc, etc.

Can you participate? Of course, the more the merrier, right? So here are the rules:
- Create a post using the meme button sharing some love for the covers we don't usually find.
- Credit my blog, Librarian Mouse, by mention it or linking back here.
- Have fun!
There is nor a special day to post this meme since you may find pretty covers any day but I will try to stick to Thursdays as long as I can.

This week World Wide Covers! features Personal Demons by Lisa Desrochers.

Personal Demons US cover

This week I'm going to feature one of those books that has been in my TBR pile for months -meaning at least 8 months-. To be honest, I don't like the US cover very much... I mean, this is supposed to be a YA book, right? Well... I don't dig it, you know? Somehow the girl, for me, looks older. Like 20 something older. At least. (Sorry girl model!).

That's why, when I saw the French cover I thought it was lovely.

Personal Demons

by Lisa Desrochers
Release date: 6th July, 2012
Publisher: Castelmore

Summary from Goodreads: (translated by Google)
Frannie is more of a loner. Until the day Luke, a charming and diabolical boy, landed in her school. Frannie loses all perspective: she is attracted to Luke and she feels that this will get her into trouble... and it's only the beginning.

It's still unclear, but she has a gift that covets the Master of the Underworld. Luke is supposed to mark the soul of the girl... But the angels, too, are keenly interested in this exceptional power. Angel or demon ... Frannie will make the right choice?

Yes, this one is very cool: her hair, the girl's expression and that purple color is so wicked!.

What? I dig it, I'm telling you, I totally dig it.

But then we have the Spanish cover and... I'm in love!.

Personal Demons

by Lisa Desrochers
Release date: 10th June, 2011
Publisher: La Factoría de Ideas

Summary from Goodreads: (translated by Google)
Frannie Cavanaugh is a lonely soul. She has been hiding her true personality even from her best friends. Until Luc gets to school. He's handsome and dangerous, and Frannie can't help being attracted to him.

But she doesn't know that Luc has a mission: to capture her soul. All because Frannie has a remarkable ability that even the King of Hell has noticed. Unfortunately for Luc, Heaven has other plans... Just as Luc begins to make progress, the angel Gabriel appears. And Gabe will do anything to prevent Luc advances, and if he doesn't then they all will pay... in Hell.
Yep, this is the one. I frigging love it!!! That's why I bought this edition too, hahaha (besides the US edition, of course). It helps that I'm actually Spanish so I can read it -obvious, I know xD.

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