Thursday, August 30, 2012

World Wide Covers! #8

Hello everyone and welcome to World Wide Covers!

Last night, after reading a few comments on my last WWC! post I notice something: I forgot to say how to link up if you wanted to participate!!! So sorry, guys... ^^U
For now, since I have no clue of how to do it I'll say leave a comment with your WWC! post. I'll arrange a linky list or something for next week ;)

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This week World Wide Covers! features Delirium by Lauren Oliver.

Delirium US cover Special Edition

This time I want to showcase this amazing book and one of its wonderful covers. Here is the Russian cover of Pandemonium!


by Lauren Oliver
Release date: Feabruary, 2012

Summary from Goodreads: (translated by Google)

Near future. A world where love is forbidden, for love - a disease most dangerous "amor delirium", and the person who violates the ban receives a harsh punishment. Therefore, any citizen who has attained the age of eighteen years, is required to undergo an exam to forget most feelings, which contain the germs of the disease.
"Delirium" is the story of Lina a girl that would have repeated the fate of the majority of law-abiding citizens, but then she met a boy who abruptly changed her view of the world.

Not as pretty as the US Special Edition but pretty enough, don't you think?

What do I love about it? The girl's expression is truly one of delirium, isn't it? I think
it's wonderful.

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