Thursday, August 23, 2012

World Wide Covers! #7

Hello everyone and welcome to World Wide Covers!

Last night, after reading a few comments on my last WWC! post I notice something: I forgot to say how to link up if you wanted to participate!!! So sorry, guys... ^^U
For now, since I have no clue of how to do it I'll say leave a comment with your WWC! post. I'll arrange a linky list or something for next week ;)

A quick recap:
What is this about? Well, most book lovers also enjoy pretty covers, right? Pretty covers help the selling of certain books improving the attention they may get. And we like to stare at them for as long as we can.
But what about the covers of other countries? What about the marvelous covers some publishers release for the books? We never get to see them unless we go looking for them.

This is were World Wide Covers! steps in. Maybe I will post a comparison or maybe I will show you a certain cover for a graphic novel. Some news you may find interesting.
From where? Everywhere! Japan, Korea, India, Brasil, Spain, Italy, Germany, etc, etc.

Can you participate? Of course, the more the merrier, right? So here are the rules:
- Create a post using the meme button sharing some love for the covers we don't usually find.
- Credit my blog, Librarian Mouse, by mention it or linking back here.
- Leave a comment with your post.
- Have fun!
There is nor a special day to post this meme since you may find pretty covers any day but I will try to stick to Thursdays as long as I can.

This week World Wide Covers! features Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone US cover

Today I'm going to share one of those books that I love. I personally don't like the US cover too much,
that's why I actually bought the UK edition which comes with this cover:

Which isn't particularly pretty but I like it best.

But then something great happened. Most of you know that right now I live in Switzerland, right? In the German side of it (which is killing me 'cause for the life of me I CAN'T understand German at all!!!) and I always go to the bookstores and check the English books they have there.
But one day I thought "What the heck, I'm going to check the German YA section, even if I can't read them I can stare at them, right?!"

So there I went. And I found this beauty:

Daughter of Smoke and Bone: Between the worlds

by Laini Taylor
Release date: 23rd Feabruary, 2012
Publisher: Fischer Fjb

Summary from Goodreads: (translated by Google)
Once upon a time an angel and a devil fell in love. But it wasn't looking good...

Karou is special. She has blue hair as shiny as silk and intricate tattoos. Her house are the dark alleys of Prague as well as the markets of Marrakech, and she speaks almost all languages ​​of the world. But Karou has a secret. Sometimes she has to disappear for days without telling anyone where. Moreover, she doesn't even know her true identity. Until one day around the world mysterious black fingerprints appear on doors.
Winged strangers slipped through a crack in the sky. Karou meets one of them in the vibrant old town of Marrakech - and starts a love whose roots go deep into a violent past. In the end, they will learn more about themselves than they ever could have imagined.

Don't tell me this is not a beauty. As soon as I saw it I knew I HAD to buy it. And so I did; this is my first German book :D

What do I love about it? Everything. From her hair to the patterns and wings that decorate the whole thing.

And now I can't wait to see what will they do for the second book... Months can't pass fast enough!

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