Saturday, June 3, 2017

A break of four years...

Hey guys, how are you?

It's been such a long time, probably most of you will see this in your news feed and think: "Librarian Mouse? Alaiel who?" and I get it, I would do the same. It's feels like I've being away for ages... So many things have happened that I don't really know where to begin. But I will try to keep it short (try being the keyword here) and let you know about the few changes that I will bring to the blog.

For starters, I'm a mom :D Just by writing that I think a lot of you will understand my disappearance act, I sure do. Guys? This whole mother thing? It's crrrrazy. Amazing, yes, but crazy. I will write a whole post about it in the next few days.

For now, yes, I'm a mom, a single mom to be more precise. Which brings me to...

I got a divorce. And the only thing I'm going to say about my divorce is: From the bottom of my heart, I wish him the best. He is a great guy and he deserves to be happy more than anyone I know. We just had a rough start and it didn't get any better in the years we were together due to some couple problems and a lot of family problems. But I will remember the good times, the looks, the hugs, the kisses and the laughs; I will cherish those memories and, hopefully, we will meet again in a next life and things will work out better.

As for me (me being my current situation and all) I can't complain. The first two years after I gave birth (2014-2015) were rough because I went to live with my mom -huge mistake- and she is a very overwhelming person. I love her and I respect her but now I realize that sometimes love is better at a distance.
Once I realized that if I wanted to give my son a peaceful and good life I had to get my sh*t together and take some crucial decisions. And I did. I left my mom and came back to Europe (she is living in Peru) which is where I feel at home and I looked for my friends who, at the end of the day, are like a family to me and my son. I think I'm gong to call my son Junior here xD
Anyway, now I'm working for a NGO that focuses on climate change and empowering minorities. This job? It makes me feel great because I know that I help people, that I'm doing something to make this a better world and isn't that the whole purpose of our lives? To connect with each other and realize that there is so much to do. I've had my share of traveling and seeing the world, of learning about different cultures and embracing them, now I understand that in order for other generations to do the same we have to protect our planet and the many different people that live in it.

Which brings me to the blog. My blog. Our blog. And I say our because I didn't create this blog only for me, I created it to link, to connect with you all, bookworms like me. Because our community is diverse and interesting just like the many different book genrers. In these years I've changed, my approach on life has changed and I want Librarian Mouse to reflect that. Books will, of course, be one of the pillars (as well as the giveaways 'cause, we all love giveaways, right?!) but I will add more topics like reflections about live in general, about nature, about humanity, about music and about motherhood. And I would love to read your comments, your opinions, your intake on what I write.

So here, cheers for a new beginning! For a fresh start, for this moment, for being alive and breathing.

I missed you all a lot!

Bear hugs,

P.S: I will update the blog in the next few days ^^U