Thursday, August 2, 2012

World Wide Covers! #4 (My new meme)

Hello everyone and welcome to World Wide Covers!, woohoo!

A quick recap:
What is this about? Well, most book lovers also enjoy pretty covers, right? Pretty covers help the selling of certain books improving the attention they may get. And we like to stare at them for as long as we can.
But what about the covers of other countries? What about the marvelous covers some publishers release for the books? We never get to see them unless we go looking for them.

This is were World Wide Covers! steps in. Maybe I will post a comparison or maybe I will show you a certain cover for a graphic novel. Some news you may find interesting.
From where? Everywhere! Japan, Korea, India, Brasil, Spain, Italy, Germany, etc, etc.

Can you participate? Of course, the more the merrier, right? So here are the rules:
- Create a post using the meme button sharing some love for the covers we don't usually find.
- Credit my blog, Librarian Mouse, by mention it or linking back here.
- Have fun!
There is nor a special day to post this meme since you may find pretty covers any day but I will try to stick to Thursdays as long as I can.

This week World Wide Covers! features City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare.

City of Ashes US cover

You all know the US cover but what about the Bulgarian one? Following its predecesor this one has nothing to envy.

City of Ashes

by Cassandra Clare
Release date: 9th July, 2010
Publisher: ИБИС

Summary from Goodreads: (translated by Google)
In this breathtaking sequel to "City of Bones," Cassandra Clare takes her readers back into the dark New York world where love is dangerous; and authority and power can become deadly temptations.

Claire Frey just wants her life back to normal. She would love to spend more time with his best friend Simon. But Shadow Hunters disagree - especially her newfound brother, Jace.
Valentine hasn't been found yet and now the second relic of death has been stolen- the Sword. And to complicate things further, someone in New York kills the Downworlders. Is Valentine behind the killings? And if he is - what is he trying to do?

Probably some of you would think I'm crazy but I love this cover above the US cover... I love it a lot more.

Why? Well, look at the girl. The colors create a perfect contrast against each one of them, the way her hair moves, her arms show a lot of Clary's attitude and the sky plus the city look very wicked!

Remember to vote and comment. Maybe you know a cool cover that you would want me to feature here? Suggestions are always welcome :]

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  1. OH MY. Bulgarian cover is perfect! I like it better too :)

    For our meme, look at polish cover of Shatter me. It was relased not long time ago and it's amazing. The polish title is "Dotyk Julii" and it means "Julia's touch" in english. I have it somewhere on my blog, I wrote about it not long time ago :3

  2. How interesting! I like your new idea! ;) It's very creative...and you're quite right... I love book covers. hehe I'm only a tad obsessed with them!!

  3. @Disincentive: I read your post and the cover looks really cool!!! Thanks for sharing ;)

  4. @Musings in Red: You are always welcome to come and stop by :] The more the merrier, right? Plus, it's so cool to get to share amazing covers with friends that like them as much as me :D

  5. I think both covers are cool for different reasons. I probably like the US one a little more- but it is pretty close. Thanks for sharing. I always find it fascinating to see covers from different places. :)


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