Tuesday, August 2, 2011

July is NetGalley Month Wrap Up!

And, it's over... :(
July was an awesome month for my NetGalley books, I didn't read all the ones I have but I did accomplished my goal: seven books! Woohoo!!!

My post declaring I was going to participate is HERE and it has been updated every time I finished a book.

The books I read are:

- Cinder and Ella
- Viper's Kiss
- Craving Perfect
- Tris and Izzie
- Cold Kiss
- Yours to Keep
- The Iron Knight

All my reviews were submitted in my NetGalley page and of course in my blog (Review/Library tab).

And, right now all I have to say is thanks to NetGalley for their awesome web and to Red House Books for this awesome idea!
I'm dying to participate again in October, yay! :D

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