Friday, August 12, 2011

Feature & Follow Friday (8)

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  • Q. How has your reading habits changed since you were a teen?
    or if you are still a teen what new genres are you in love with currently?

    Hum... actually? I'm not sure... I think that when I was a teenager I used to read more since I had more free time and usually my parents didn't question the books I liked to read so I had a lot of freedom (BTW, thanks mom and dad, you rock!).
    Changes? I think that now I like YA a lot more, hahahaha. And I have discovered new genres this year like Dystopian and Steampunk which are awesome!

    Oh! Yeah, there's one thing that has changed: Now I don't need to hide a flashlight near my bed to read during the night!!! My parents didn't like the fact that I read until 3 or 4am... ^^U Can't blame them... after that I always was sleepy during classes xD

    And you? Have you changed something?


    1. Thanks for stopping by :) I remember the flashlight days hehe.

    2. I blame my mother for my bad eyesight. When she turned off the light and made me stop reading and go to bed, I didn't even have a torch (what we call a flashlight in the UK), so I strained and strained to read in the moonlight.

      I hear you on having more free time in those days. The joys of when I didn't have work and commitments - I didn't know how lucky I was!

    3. Nothing's changed much with my reading habits in the past 10 years! I remember becoming a more avid reader, rather than just a reader, when I was 13. Always loved to read!

      Here's my Friday Hops

      Have a GREAT weekend!

      Old Follower :)

    4. Ha! I remember those flashlight days! My answer is at

    5. Ooooh, I love that you have The Ghost and the Goth running on your Library Thing widget! That series is so great (lol funny!). I didn't really read in my teens, but I'm making up for it now. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and I'm your #610 follower ;)
      Ninja Girl

    6. omg, your blog is adorable!! I love that little mouse!

      I've just discovered Dystopian, too, but have yet to pick up any steampunk. Any recommendations?

      New Follower :)

      -Jenna @ the book element

    7. Definitely changed. Used to hate to read and now I read all the time. And more adult.

      Happy Friday from Lydia @ Sensual Ride

    8. That's cool that your parents let you read what you want. My parents would've been a little more strict with what I would've read had I read. But, since I didn't read, I didn't have to deal with it, lol.

    9. Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm a new follower. It's fun to think about what we used to read...very different stuff for me.

    10. I was lucky I lived in aroom under the roof and my parents never bothered coming up in evening. I read through the night all the time. Luckily I was a good student ;)

      I`m a new follower

    11. I'm following you back! Thanks for visiting my FF post! I'm the same - sometimes I read less now as I'm older and sometimes am too busy. :(

    12. I used to hide to stay up reading, too! Such a pain, haha. :P

    13. Ditto! I used to beg and plead to read adult books when I was younger, but now that I'm older, I'm liking more and more YA books! :]

      Thanks for stopping by my blog! Have a great weekend!

      Nora, The Bookery

    14. My mom never really cared about if I read until the early hours of dawn so I never had to read with a flashlight until I was married. Now you'll often find me reading with my ipod light streaming up on the book as the hubs snores. LOL!

      I've never been able to get into steampunk.

      Thanks for stopping by and the google + follow!

    15. Thanks for stopping by my blog! And I remember those summer nites of staying up until 3 or 4 am ... If it was a Harry Potter book, I would read until the sun came up!

    16. I still read until 3 or 4am, but now it's my husband that is annoyed. Friday Post!

    17. Thanks for stopping by my blog! It's fun seeing how people have changed their reading habits as they've grown up.

    18. Hopping through. I don't think steampunk was around when I was a teen. It's a new genre that I like.
      My Hop

    19. Thanks for stopping by my blog-although I've always been a big reader, I never really stayed up to the wee hours reading-always got too tired!

    20. That's awesome that your parents weren't too restrictive. My mom used to get a little frustrated with all the silly regency romances I used to read but she didn't get too mad. I read tons more YA now than I did when I was a teen. LOL!

    21. Thanks for stopping by,
      I'm still a teen but my parents don't question the books I read either. Not like I have anything to hide but the freedom is nice! And obviously being a teenager I'm usually up late, but reading keeps me up most the night haha :) (Which is ok as long as I'm on holiday)
      Have a great weekend.
      Already a follower.

      Mazz @ Words on the shelf

    22. Thanks Alaiel for stopping by my blog and being a new follower :) I'm already a follower for your blog :) Happy Friday!!!

    23. I'm already an old follower but I just wanted to say Thanks for coming to visit my #FF post ;) I too love YA books more so now that I'm nearly in my 30s than when I was actually in my teens LOL I think it's because the YA books released nowadays are awesome in comparison to those that we had back then.

    24. Hey. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm following you as well. I like the style of your reviews. Can't wait to read more. Keep it shiny!

    25. Thanks for hopping by my blog! I love that you used to read with a flashlight so your parents wouldn't know. I stay up way to late reading, too. :)

    26. Ha...sometimes I have to read by flashlight (er...the flashlight on my smart phone) because my girls are in bed! Anyway, following back now, thanks for stopping by my blog!


    27. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Following you back ;-)

      J x

    28. Hello! I am your newest follower from the Friday Blog Hop. I would love it if you would follow back at one or all of my blogs :) - If needed, please hit refresh. Blogger having issues showing friends list on this blog. Thank you!

      Have a great day!

    29. My father would take me to the used bookstore when I was a teen and tell me to go nuts. I'd come home with piles of trashy paperbacks.


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