Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Book Review: Watched


by Sharde Richardson
Release date: 30th May 2011
Publisher: Jolt
Pages: 278 (paperback)

Summary from Goodreads:

Mikayla doesn’t want much: just to rock out to her favorite band, become the next Kwiki Stop video gaming champion, and keep her Q-tip habit under control. What she does want is the sight of the sudden inexplicable dark auras around everyone to stop. Problem is, those auras are demons and Mikayla is the last trait holder with the power to ban them. Which is a total buzz kill.

To make matters worse, the town folk of Sulphur Springs don’t look the same, and her classmates are a little dark in the eyes. There are murders, suicides, reckless skinny-dipping, gratuitous use of Q-tips, and newfound powers that Mikayla must learn to control.

Her past becomes present when a shape-shifter tells her what her true identity is, and how to keep the demons of Hell from nipping at her Converse. Through him she’ll discover who to trust, who to kiss, and how valuable her abilities are to the right beings. Because the evils of Hell aren’t staying down without a fight.

Or without her soul.

Review By Alaiel Kreuz:

First of all, please, do me a favor and look at the cover of this book. If you need to enlarge it click on it.
Done? Awesome. Now, what did you think about it? Because the main reason I decided to buy this book was the cover. The colors, the light, the design and the shadows are superb. And if you actually buy it you will notice that the cover is so soft... *daydreaming*.
Yeah, sorry, I'm back. Anyway, if the cover is amazing then the story is so good that I can't describe it with words. But of course I'm going to try ;)

The story begins with Mikayla, a seventeen/eighteen year old girl that considers herself very normal. Of course she stutters a lot (nothing to be ashamed of, I stutter a lot myself) and has a very funny habit with Q-tips. Oh, and we can't forget that she doesn't remember anything before her 13th birthday.
Besides from that, yeah, pretty much normal. Right.

Well, everything is about to change when she is almost killed by a very weird guy and somehow appears in the hospital door before is too late. When she wakes up the stutter is gone and she believes she is crazy... I mean, if you could see black shadows whirling around every person you would think that too. And there's a very interesting bird that is always at her window in the hospital.
When she finally gets out after a lot of time she meets a very freaky guy covered in dirt that tells her she is not going crazy. She immediately thinks that, judging by his looks, HE is nuts so she decides to leave. But he doesn't stop and finally tells her that she is a Hunter and he is her Sentry and that those shadows are demons who will keep killing people if they don't stop them (so far two people in her small town are dead).
The name of this marvelous, great and handsome guy is Lucas, he is a shape-shifter and hides a few important secrets that could change everything...

The writing is funny, clever and hilarious. Mikayla's mind is amazing, Sharde did a terrific job showing us the way her thoughts linked with each other. The whole book is full of sarcastic quotes that will make you smile and laugh page after page. You won't get bored or tired, in fact, you won't be able to put it down until you reach the end, and when you get there you will be thinking "What?! Did it actually finished?! But... but... I need to know what happens next, she can't do this to me!" and then you will run to your computer to search for more information. But you won't find any, at least not yet. And believe me, I've checked already...

And for those wondering about the love part of this book let me tell you this: Mikayla and Lucas don't rush into things, you can sense that the love is there but Sharde took well care that it didn't develop until the perfect moment and for that I'm grateful.

Now the only thing I have left to say is that I'm going to be sitting here, waiting for the next book to come out and waiting for your thoughts about "Watched". Don't miss it, go out and buy a copy as soon as you can so we can talk about it until the release of the second part :D

Alaiel's Rating:
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