Thursday, August 25, 2011

Introducing you... Video Sharing Thursday!

Welcome to my new feature: Video Sharing Thursday!

Yes, I know, it has nothing to do with books so why am I creating it? Well, let me tell you why:

- I love music. I use it to express myself and to help me when I'm feeling down, you know? If I'm sad then I put some crazy-funny songs. If I'm feeling happy I choose something to dance around the house (I learnt that with my mom, hahaha). If I need something to chill out then some classical music helps me a lot and if I'm feeling dark (yeah, dark xD) then I listen some rock bands and by doing so my friends and family know that is not the best moment to mess up with me, muahaha *evil laugh*.

- Helps me to read. Not always but sometimes I like to have a soft background music when sitting by myself with a good book, I think it improves the setting of the book if you know what I mean.

- I like different genres, no kidding. Classical, Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, R&B, Heavy Metal, Hindi, J-Pop, Samba, Forró, Reggaeton, etc etc... I think it has something to do with my blood, hahaha. My mom is latina and we feel the music in our blood but I'm a terrible dancer when it comes to salsa (I blame it on my dad's side, he is Spanish and hates to dance) unless, of course, you give me a glass of rum and coke - which we call cubata-, if you give me one of those then somehow I'm a terrific salsa dancer xD Weird, huh? I know. The same happens with samba and forró, I lived in Brasil for a few years and I kind of learn to dance both of them.

- Then we have Hindi music, the reason I love it is funny. Everywhere I go nobody believes that I'm from Spain nor from Peru, most people think I'm from the India. Their reason? My eyes and the color of my skin.  Even Indian people come and talk to me in the middle of the street, in Indian!!! And I'm like "sorry, sorry, I don't understand you..." and then they stop and talk to me in English. It's hilarious, hahaha. So one day I decided to watch some Indian movies, to see if I could find some resemblance... and I'm not still sure if there's any but I fell in love with the movies, the songs and the choreographies. They are AMAZING!

- J-Pop comes from "Japanese-Pop". I'm a huge fan of manga and anime so listening to japanese music was obvious. And I enjoy it a lot.

- I've been discovering... mmm... what do you call them? Indie bands? Indie singers? Hum... feel free to help me here, my English sometimes is limited, sigh... Anyway, yeah, Youtube is a really good way to find new voices out there and, I'm telling you, some of them are awesome. True story.

I'm sure I could find more reasons but I don't want to bore you to death so I'm going to stop here, hehe. So, without further ado... my first two videos that will be featuring an Indian movie:  "Dil Bole Hadippa" The story is utterly funny: Veera travels the whole country with a theater company owned by her uncle but her dream is to play cricket in a big league. The only problem is that, being in India, only males are able to participate in big leagues (the women leagues are barely known).
One day the team of the town they are performing open their gates to meet and accept new players... so she decides to disguise herself. Now she is Veer, her "twin brother". Finally she is accepted and her dream is about to come true... until Veera falls in love with the captain of the team, Rohan, who was raised in England.
Rohan's dad asks Veera to show his son that India is actually a country full of nice people and lovely sightseeings. And then Rohan falls in love with her too...

And, BTW, if any of you want to share with me videos feel free to leave me a comment or, if you want to participate and share your love for music just copy my badge, create your post and leave a comment with your link so I can pass by and have a look :D

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