Monday, July 4, 2011

NetGalley Month @ Red House Books

Many of you know that since I'm a new blogger I've been looking for weekly memes or memes in general to participate and I found one that could really help me a lot to read more xD

Red House Books has created a meme for July and it's about NetGalley books so just keep reading to know what is this about :D


Post on your blog (preferable), your Facebook wall, on Tumblr -- somewhere on the interwebs -- and link back to this post. Basically, tell your followers and friends about NetGalley July and comment below with your link
Tweet about the event using the hashtag #NetGalleyMonth
The only real criteria is to have a link back to this post somewhere in your declaration and you must comment below :)

As many NetGalley books as you can in July -- make sure you keep track of them because this time, in order to be eligible for a prize you must report your reads to me. Another post, an email, a comment on the wrap up post in August - doesn't matter - I just want to know what you read :)

2 people will win $15 worth of books from The Book Depository!

The are the main rules but if you want to know more about it just click HERE to go directly to the original post.

I have lots of books from NetGalley and it's going to be great to push myself a little to read as much as I can of them. Plus is a great way to write more reviews, hehe.

So yes, if you want to participate just go to the page and do so.

Since I have lots of ebooks provided by NetGalley (you don't want to know how many...) I need to read lots so this is going to be my first reading: "Cinder and Ella".

And I plan to read at least 7 books in total. Let's see how it works, hahahaha.

Happy reading to everybody! :D

First update:

It took me more days than I had expected since I needed to do more reviews first (and I still do) but I finished the book yesterday morning so my review should be coming soon :D

My next read is going to be:

I think the cover looks more than inviting, hehe :D

I finally finished "The Viper's Kiss" and I had a wonderful time with this book, woohoo! I can't wait to write my review but I need to go out and do a couple things, sigh... Nevermind that, I'll be back in a few hours :D
My next book from NetGalley is going to be:

I'm still not sure what is this one about but hopefully I'll enjoy it as much as the others! :D

Sorry!!! I forgot to update the post, sigh... I finished "craving Perfect" and wrote my review about it (you can look for it at my "Review/Library" tab) and started with "Tris and Izzie" that I already finished (review in the same place).

Since this one is already finished my next book is going to be "Cold Kiss"! Woohoo!

I wonder if I will be able to read one more before the end of the month... I just need two more to have 7 books :D

And more updates!

I already finished "Cold Kiss" so now I'm going to read "Yours to Keep"

Just one more book after this one to reach my goal!!! Woohoo!!! I can do it!

Final update!

I did it!!! Awesome!!! *jumping up and down*

My last book was "The Iron Knight" and it was perfect (although I didn't sleep much these days, I needed to read "The iron Daughter" and "The Iron Queen" first...).

So, my review should be up very soon!

Thanks NetGalley and thanks a lot to Red House Books, I had a wonderful time participating in this! :D

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