Friday, September 16, 2011

Feature & Follow Friday (12)

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  • Well... This is it! I'm being featured!!! Woohoo!!! First of all, Thanks to Rachel from Parajunkee's for choosing me, her meme was one of the first ones I liked before being a blogger. I always thought it's a great way to meet new people, discover new books and have fun with the questions :D.
    And thanks a lot to Alison too, specially for her reviews on manga... I really need to start reviewing manga soon... hopefully after my wedding I'll have more time.

    Because, you all know, right? I'm getting married on MONDAY!!! OMG... I'm like hyperventilating here... hahahahaha. And right now I'm on holidays, that's why I haven't been posting too much latelly (sorry!).

    So, if you want to give us a wedding present *crossing fingers* you just have to check my RAK at the side bar :D (The books of Game of Thrones would be for my fiancé). Of course, no need to do it at all but since we are already broke after all the expenses books would be an amazing gift, hehe.

    And now, what you all really want to read:

    Q.It's that pesky magic book fairy again! She has another wish: What imaginary book world would you like to make a reality?

    Easy one, the Nevernever from The Iron Fey series would be my first choice, and then the world from The Time Master Trilogy... Louise Cooper's did a wonderful job creating a whole new world full of magic and marvellous characters.

    For reviews just check my "Library/Reviews" tab :D

    And, to all my old and new followers, thanks for being here. Stick around and enjoy my reviews, my giveaways and my craziness ;)


    1. Old follower hopping through. Congrats on the feature not to mention the wedding!

    2. woohoo! congrats on being featured :) And I'm happy that I'm already a follower! ha

    3. I didn't even think of the Iron Fey! That would be awesome! Congrats on the feature.

      Old Follower hopping through!

      Here's my Follow Friday

      Have a great weekend.

      ~Kristin @ Better Read Than Dead

    4. Congrats on both the feature and your upcoming nuptuals!

      New follower, hopping through!

      My Follow Friday

      The Romanceaholic

    5. YAY! Congrats, Alaiel! I'm so glad that you're the new feature -- I'm a long time follower, of course! :)

      I absolutely LOVE Julie Kagawa's Iron Fey series too! And the way that she wrote the entire Nevernever was just so amazing that I agree with you completely! Being able to step into that particular world would be like a dream come true!

      Here's my Follow Friday! And you can still enter my 300 Followers Giveaway if you haven't already! :)

      Hope you have an awesome weekend!

    6. Congrats on being featured! I've got The Iron King lined up to read on my Nook. I've heard such great things about that series. :) I'm an old follower.
      Here's my Follow Friday!

    7. First of all, congrats on being an FF feature this week. And second-- I totally picked the Nevernever too!! :D I just finished reading The Iron King and am in love haha-- cannot WAIT to read the other books in this series!!

      Already a follower ;) Have a great weekend!!

      Lea @ LC's Adventures in Libraryland

    8. Congrats on the feature! :) Haven't read either series yet...will definitely look into the Cooper books, though. I love magical worlds...

      Old follower.
      Happy FF!

    9. Hi, old follower hopping through! Congrats on the feature! I said Iron Fey too--love it!

    10. Hi! I've never read The Time Master Trilogy, but the Nevernever would definitely be a cool place to live! New follower :0)

      My Follow Friday

      Sarah @ The Book Life

    11. Congrats on being the featured blog AND getting married! Woo hoo- that's sooo amazing!! :)

      The Iron Fey might be taking over Harry Potter as the most popular choice for this week! I love it though- there's need to be a real Puck, that's for sure! haha

    12. Congratulations on being this weeks feature!

      All the best for your wedding on Monday, how exciting!!

      My FF -

      Have a great weekend :)

    13. Hopping through! Congrats on the wedding! And for being the feature. The Iron Fey series is a great idea.
      My Hop

    14. Congrats on being the feature! That's awesome. I'm not as crazy about the Fey series as a lot of people seem to be, but I can see why that world would be chosen. New follower! :)

    15. Old follower hopping through! I also said Iron Fey. It's just such a creatively written world, and there's so much to explore.

    16. Congrats on the Feature! must be super exciting!! I really wnat to read the Iron Fey Series... must make it next on my list!

      - Kylie @ The Talking Teacup

    17. I haven't read either book but I have heard great things about the Iron Fey books. I would definitely love to live in a world with Fey in it. =) Congrats on being the feature.

      New Follower
      Danielle @Ramblings From This Chick

    18. Congrats on being a Featured blogger. :) I haven't read those books, but I really loved this question. I think that is part of the allure of stories... Getting so invested in a world that you can close your eyes and begin to imagine shaping it as if it were made of clay. What do you love about the worlds in these books? Why would you want them to come to life? What would you do if they did?

    19. Congrats on the feature and best of luck for the wedding!

    20. It's the second time I see The Iron Fey! I still have to read them.

      Congratulations on being featured and to your wedding! Have an awesome weekend. :) My answer can be found here!

    21. I was thinking the Nevernever too, but I had to go back to my roots. Plus I think the creepy fey like changelings and redcaps might be too much.
      New Follower!

      My Follow Friday

    22. hop hop hop!

      We have the same answer! I love Julie Kagawa's world!

      The Fairytale Nerd

    23. Congratulations on being the FF Feature and congratulations on getting married. Have a fabulous day!!!!

      I had so many answers for this weeks question. If you would like to see mine it's here

      Obviously I'm now a follower. Happy Reading.

    24. congratulations on being featured and your up coming wedding!!

      We are your newest followers

    25. The Iron Fey is just a grand choice! I happily agree and regret not thinking of it myself. LOL!

      Happy Weekend!

      Black Disaster Fairy

      A World of Personality

      For the L♥ve of Reading

      UnRead Brains Eat Bloody Words

    26. Hi!!!--Congrats on being the feature!!! And wishing you and your fiance all the best!!!!

      Iron Fey is still on my tbr list--I've heard good things about it, but interesting that you would also pick it as a world to come to life (may have to move it up the list!).

      There are so many good books, I had a tough time picking just one--but my top 3 are Hogwarts, Tamora Pierce's Tortall, and TLC's Thalassinia--magic, magic, and mermaids!!! :D

      Have a great weekend--And especially wishing you a beautiful wedding (and marriage, of course!)

      (\__/)nymfaux (returning follower)

    27. Congrats on the Feature! and even bigger congrats for your wedding!! I'm a new follower. The Iron King is next in my pile to read! i cant wait!

      You can check out my hop here if you like :)

    28. Nevernever's that great, huh? wouldn't know. The Iron Fey series is literally on my next-to-be-read list.

      Congratz on the feature! New follower for both GFC and Networked Blogs. Here's PiF's

    29. Oh, the Nevernever is a good choice! I might have to add that to my list! That one didn't cross my mind, but I'd *love* it! Old follower here! Happy Friday!

    30. Hi! I'm a new follower. You have such a cute blog! Nice to meet you!
      Sadly, I haven't read The Iron Fey yet, but I admire authors who can create worlds that draw us in and make us feel part of it.

    31. Congrats on the feature!

      Nevernever from Iron Fey all the way! You gotta love the worldbuilding in that one :)


      Ron @ Stories of my life

    32. Hi! Congratulations on being featured! It is awesome! And a huge congratulations on your wedding! What a weekend for you. It's epic!

    33. I just wanted to drop by and say congrats on being featured this week!! And yay for your wedding! I'm sure you're so excited :D

      The world of Nevernever was on of my picks too :)

      Here's my FF:

      Hope you have a great weekend!


    34. I haven't read the Iron Fey series yet, but it is on my TBR list. I can't wait to check out the world created in the books.

    35. I haven't read the Iron Fey series, but plan to. Have a great weekend. New follower!

    36. New Follower here. I would like Fablehaven to be real. The series is by Brandon Mull. A sanctuary for magical creatures (some nice some evil)

    37. Congrats my dear!!!! YAY you are being featured.
      So happy for you.
      Have to admit, though, that the Iron Fey series isn't my thing.
      Happy Friday!
      My FF: Follow Friday

    38. New Follower from the Hop, and congrats! I hope you have many years of wedded bliss :) My dh and I just celebrated our 9th anniversary on the 14th.

      Erika from Badass
      Badass Friday

      Stop by if you can, we have Shelly Laurenston visiting the blog today!

    39. Ooh congrats on being featured! And best wishes for the wedding :D

    40. Hi, Congratulations on being featured by parajunkee. I love your blog title and design. New follower here. Best wishes, Lindsay

      My follow friday post is here

    41. Congratulations on your wedding! I haven't read the books you mentioned, I'll have to add them to my list to read!

      Anja @

    42. Congrats on the feature! I haven't read The Iron Fey series yet, but it looks great!

      Have a great weekend!


    43. I haven't read any of those books, but they are on my reading list.
      New Follower!
      Cana Elene

    44. New Follower!
      Congratulations on the feature and of course on the upcoming wedding! I just got married on September 2nd and here is my unasked for advice, Enjoy every moment of it because it goes by super fast. :)

      Erika@Let's talk about books

    45. Congrats on being featured! That's so awesome! I'm an old follower stopping by to say hi.

    46. Congrats of being the feature this week!!! New follower here!

      Feel free to follow back @

    47. Congrats on the feature and the upcoming nuptials! I'm a new follow hopping through. I love your theme! ^.^

      Here's my FF

    48. Hi there! Congratulations on being featured! You have a lovely blog, and I am a new follower. :)

      Happy weekend!

    49. Man, everyone is saying iron fey series. I think I am the only person who has not read it yet :( I need to get the iron king asap. old follower :)

      My FF- Book Briefs


    50. Congratulations for Monday!! New follower.

      Have a great week!


    51. Hi. Congrats on the Feature. I've not read the Iron Fey series yet, but I will have to get round to it at some point!
      Big congrats on the wedding too. It must be the time of year for it as I am getting married in 5 week's time! ;)

    52. Old follower hopping through! I have yet to read the Iron Fey series, but I hear it's really good.

      The Bawdy Book Blog


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