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Book Review: Immortal Embrace

Immortal Embrace

by Charlotte Blackwell
Series: Embrace series #1
Release date: 1st June, 2011
Publisher: World Castle Publishing
Pages: 146 (epub provided for the book tour)

Summary from Goodreads:

Sophia Pierce has suffered since her brother left, and is unsure if she will ever get over it. That is until her family decided to move to Wenham, Massachusetts. Her and her siblings have been ordered to protect their little sister, and must return to High school. This is where Sophia finds her soul mate Nathanial and life as she knows it is about to change.

As a vampire, Sophia has always kept to herself, but as a high school student will she learn to step out of her comfort zone a little? Sophia has found a best friend in a powerful witch and a love to call her own. That is until something tragic happens and blood is spilled. Will Sophia be able to resist the sweet scent of her beloved's blood?

This is Sophia's story, a story of a girl who finds herself, love and everlasting friendship. The excitement of this story wraps mortals, vampires, witches, and shape shifters all into a romantic tale of young love, friendship, the meaning of family. The story of a girl who tries to finds herself when she thought it was all lost.

Review By Alaiel Kreuz:

This book is about Sophia, an eternal teenager that is forced to go back to high-school to keep an eye on her youngest sister, Danika. The reason? Danika is the newest addition in her family, a vampire family. This means that if she struggles to behave herself in high-school at least she won't be alone.

The only problem is that since her older brother, Caspian, killed his girlfriend in a terrible accident and then ran away ashamed of what he did, Sophia prefers to keep her distance with humans and the only people she allows to enter in her world is her family so going back to high-school is not something she wants to do. At all.
Specially since she doesn't trust Danika...

But we all know high-school is not as bad as it seems, specially if we have in count that you can find a few cute guys *big smile*. And that's what happens with Sophia when she bumps - literally- into Nathaniel. Is not that she wants to reveal herself to him and tell him all their secrets but there's something about him that drags her to his arms. It doesn't matter how many times she tries to stay away from him, its useless.

And then her fears become reality...

I had a good time reading this book, is not very long so I finished it in one night. Now, I'm always going to be honest and this book has a few similarities with Twilight, there's no denying that. So, if you liked it this book should be a nice one to read.
Saying that we can also find witches and another supernatural beings that make the story very entertaining. And the second book is also very good, but I'm going to tell you about it tomorrow ;)

Alaiel's Rating:

If you really like it, you can find it here:


  1. Great review!Just added book to my tbr list!

  2. I like Twilight, so it's probably not a bad idea to give this book a try. Then again, if it doesn't live up to Twilight...I'll just be bummed. Hmmm, decisions decisions! Thanks for the review :-)

  3. This sounds pretty interesting. I don't think I've read one yet where the main girl is the vampire fighting the bloodlust. Definitely want to read it!

  4. I love vampire books! I really enjoyed Twilight and I'm always looking for books like it. Thanks for the review!

  5. No estoy muy segura de si me recuerda demasiado a "Twilight" o no (y acabo de darme cuenta de que no recuerdo como lo titularon en español, ¡qué cabeza!). En cualquier caso, me encantan las historias de vampiros, así que lo tendré en cuenta.
    ¡Me ha gustado conocerte, "Ratón de biblioteca"! ;D

  6. Great review. I am not as fond of vampire books as I use to be, maybe a little overloaded lately with so many new additions. But I always love the old classics like Anne Rice.

  7. Thanks to everybody for the comments :D

    And to @Lenasledgeblog: classics like the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice are the best! I like you already xD

  8. I have never heard of this series so thank-you for sharing; it sounds like an intriguing read :)

  9. I really enjoyed the Twilight series, so this sounds like another one that I would enjoy!

    I haven't heard of it before, but it sounds great!

    Thanks for the recommendation!

    darlenesbooknook at gmail dot com

  10. This looks like a lighter side of the vampire genre. I think I will go pick it up!

  11. I love vampire books so this sounds right up my alley : )

  12. Hi
    even if it is like Twilight it sounds like an interesting story


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