Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cover reveal: With All My Soul

With All My Soul
by Rachel Vincent
Release Date: 1st April, 2013

Official Blurb:

There's no blurb yet.

Oh my gosh, guys! The last book of the Soul Screamer series is here and I freaking LOVE it!!! Like, it's drop dead gorgeous, don't you think?
Starting with her dress -the way the whole dress goes all around the cover and the material itself!- to the model's pose and her mouth. Yes, sorry, I do like her mouth a lot, what can I say? Very sexy and cute.

The only problem? It's the last book, guys. The final book. And I'm not ready to say goodbye to all the amazing characters. That's is going to be so difficult...

What do you think about it? Love it? Like it? Are you in love with it? 'Cause, you know, I don't think there's going to be anybody that can say it's horrible ;)


  1. OMG It's gorgeous!I have only read the first 2 books, but I need to get the next ones ASAP!

  2. Yes, it's a great cover <3 I would pick this up in the bookstore without a doubt.


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