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Blog Tour Review + Scavenger Hunt Giveaway: Endure by M. R. Merrick

Today I'm participating in a blog tour organized by Valerie @ Stuck in Books. Please, help me welcome the incredible M. R. Merrick and his final book in The Protector series: Endure.
And to make things even more interesting there is a fun scavenger hunt giveaway for you all to enjoy so remember to keep reading ;)



by M.R. Merrick
Series: The Protector #4
Release date: 5th June, 2013
Publisher: Selfpub
Pages: 274 (ebook received for blog tour in exchange of an honest review)
Summary from Goodreads:

Wrapped in darkness and woven with defeat, every action Chase has taken since being exiled from the Circle has been met with a devastating response. Now he's been burdened with a quest that seems impossible, and he needs to evolve into something more, something greater than he ever thought he could be.

Armed with magic, friendship, and an unbreakable will, Chase must build an army and find a weapon capable of defeating the ultimate evil. But he knows that nothing great comes without sacrifice. Blessed by the very gods who have abandoned him and carrying the fate of all the worlds on his shoulders, Chase Williams is about find out just how much one man can endure.

Review By Alaiel Kreuz:
The best way to describe Endure is with one single word: mesmerizing. Stunning. Incredible. Perfect. Mind-blowing. So yeah, I cheated, that's clearly more than one word but you see, it's impossible to try to describe this amazing final book without going all crazy about it. Yes, this book is THAT good. It's even better than that.

For me final books are always hard, not only because it means that I have to say goodbye to the characters I've grown to love and care about but also because, well, I'm not always pleased with the direction the author took or the decisions he/she made. And that's tough.
So here I am, thanking the gods for M. R. Merrick's unique and extraordinary writing style. Not only can I trust him to submerge me into the plot but he has a way, and I know it may sound crazy but it's completely true, to make me live it. All the struggle, the adrenaline, the sadness and happiness, the will to fight with Chase & co. and never give up... I feel it all and it's a wonderful sensation.

Endure it's the grand finale, the perfect conclusion for most of the characters. And I say most because at the end of the third book my heart was broken, one of my favorite characters died and to be honest, it still makes me so sad I may cry a little bit right now... But that's the beauty of it, right? Mr. Merrick made me care for these characters so much that I have tears in my eyes!

But enough of that, let's talk about the plot and characters a little bit. I don't know if you have read the previous 3 books -if the answer is no... what the heck are you waiting for?!- so I'll try to avoid spoilers as hard as I can.

Endure is Chase's final step to become what he was always meant to be: the protector. And it hasn't been an easy road at all; this poor guy has suffered so freaking much that I'm so proud of him for not going ballistic and crazy. Seriously, all the pain and sorrow he goes through is unbelievable. But he overcomes it all, and not because he is super strong and focused but because he has amazing people surrounding him; people who will never let him fall alone or lose his path; loyal and fierce people who will stand by his side no matter what. And I simply love that kind of friendship and commitment.

So yes, Chase has grown a lot since the first book and it has been amazing to see him develop his personality and go from a selfish dude who thought he knew everything to the strong leader I knew he could be.
As for the other characters like Rayna and Tiki... well, they are as wonderful as ever. Rayna is still this fierce, strong and gorgeous girl who doesn't take sh*t from anybody and is completely supportive of Chase's ideas.
And Tiki... *girly sigh*, Tiki is the most incredible demon out there. Yep. In this book we get to know him a lot better and if I loved him before I'm head over heels for him now. Loyal is the best word to describe him.
There are, of course, a lot of other characters like Vincent -whom I don't love but don't hate anymore- but if I write about every single thing I loved about this book I'm never going to finish this review, trust me.

As for the plot it was pure perfection. Once again M. R. Merrick takes us to different dimensions that should be very difficult to imagine but somehow he creates them in your head for you to see in a fabulous way. And this is one of those books that it's impossible to put down, in fact you may find yourself walking with your Kindle or iPad to do whatever you need to do without leaving the book behind. And in case this happens to you too, please, make sure you don't hit anything in your way like, I don't know, a glass door which is what happened with me....

Action, adventure, romance, fights, friendship, struggles, pain and happiness... Endure has it all. And the epilogue? Brilliant! The perfect golden brooch for a perfect series.

M. R. Merrick, I'll keep my eyes on you and your amazing books for ever. The worlds you create are simply spectacular and your characters are amazing, thank you so much for sharing The Protector series with us all!

Alaiel's Rating:

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