Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thankful for... The Time Master Trilogy

Some of you may know that one of my favorite series out there is "The Time Master Trilogy" by Louise Cooper. I have the feeling that a lot of you don't know this series and, okay, it's kind of old, the first book was published in 1985 (the year I was born!) but I want to share more information about it. Why you ask? Because it deserves it... it's amazing, it's magical and it's inspirational.

I didn't buy the books, one friend gave them to me when I was 12 as a B-day present, why those books? She said she didn't like the covers and that she didn't want to have them in her room anymore (it sounds as bad as it sounded back there, believe me...) and since she knew I read a lot she thought it was a good way of get rid of them and gave me a present (and she just kept digging...).

But her loss was my win. Sadly it was a win that I acknowledged a year later, hahaha. I always had other books to read with "better" covers and it was after almost a year that one day I realized I had nothing to read and no money to buy more books, and that's when I saw them almost cover with dust and thought: "Oh, why not?! They can't be that bad, right?" so I grabbed the first one and sat in my bed.

For hours. I only stopped when I had finished it and only to grab the second book. In the middle of that one my mom called me, it was time to eat and I'm sure I didn't chew my food, I swallowed it. Even my mom remembers that day, she says it was the first time she realized I really loved books.

And that night I didn't sleep at all, I needed to read the third book. And when I finished it I read the second book again and then the third one again passing pages, re-reading quotes, smiling and hyperventilating with Tarod and Cyllan's love. I could only think that Louise Cooper's work was utterly amazing, she made my realized that things are not always how they look like and that sometimes evil can be good.

Three of the first reviews I wrote for my blog were about these books. By the time I wrote about the second book, "The Outcast", I found out that Louise Cooper was dead. And I cried because for me she was an not only one of my favorite authors but an inspiration and the mother of my best friends back there.

My reviews are here:

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