Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Book Review: The Master

The Master

by Louise Cooper
Series: The Time Master Trilogy #3
Release date: 15th May, 1987 (first edition)
Publisher: Tor Books
Pages: 302 (Hardcover)

Introduction from Goodreads:

Chaos stalks the Realm of Order. The fate of a world hangs on one woman's life. In Conclave grave the Lords of Light will summon their God to battle. Adept of Chaos, sworn to the Law, the Master rides to confront his terrible destiny. This is the tale of his decision. This is Book III in the Master trilogy.

Review By Alaiel Kreuz:

It's time, Tarod knows what he has to do and believes that Aeoris, the supreme god of Order, will forgive his sins, even if he is not sure what are his sins...
But there's no space for doubts, of that he is sure, so he continues his search for Cyllan who was taken by a Warp. She has to be alive because if not... if not then there won't by a future.

And during his journey he witnesses what happens when fear controls the world. Innocents die, houses are burn and families are destroyed. Everything in the name of Order...

The last book in The Time Master trilogy is full of adventure, of desperation and fear for what could happen, what will happen if Tarod is wrong and Aeoris condemns him. What if Yandros, that tricky god of Chaos, is right and not everything is how it looks like.

Is there room for forgiveness between Tarod and Keridill? Will Cyllan and Tarod's love win or perish after the final battle?

What is Tarod's big secret?...

Alaiel's Rating:

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  1. Never thought I'd find a girl who loved this fantastic trilogy so much. I have been in love myself with the "Time Master" books for about 20 years now (read them when I was a teenager) and I've always wondered how come they never gained much popularity, unlike so many other novels in the genre. I think Louise Cooper deserved better...

    Cheers (and cheese) for the reviews! ;)


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