Monday, October 10, 2011

A quick thanks and introducing the new looks in the "Review/Library" tab!

First of all thank you for every comment in my post "So... what's up with Twilight?". Your opinions were really enlightening. Now I have a better idea of why or what creates this whole "anti-Twilight" thing and it's been interesting to read your point of view.

Second, I don't know if some of you have noticed that my "Review/Library" was becoming bigger and bigger and that it didn't have any order in particular... which was really annoying... So I decided to improve it a couple of days ago and i finished it yesterday night! Woohoo!!!

Now at the top of the page you will find a small shelf with 4 covers:
- The first one is for "YA and Sci-Fi". I had to shorten the name to make it fit the cover but take a look at what you can find there.
- The second one is for "Mangas and Comics". Right now I only have one review but give me a couple of days more and you will find more material there :)
- The third one is "Erotic" so this one is for adults only ;)
- And the last one is an Index where you can find a list with all the reviews ordered by book's name.

Just press any cover and you will be taken to the proper shelf or scroll-down to take a look at all of them.

I really want to make your experience in my blog as pleasant as it can be, that's why I take all this time to study HTML and create these shelves so if you have any suggestions leave me a comment and I will check it, promised! :D

Have a great week!


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