Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Guest post: Battle Grounds by Claudia Lefeve

Please everyone, help me welcome my guest for today, author Claudia Lefeve in which tour I'm participating! As scheduled i'm going to host a giveaway of her book too so stay tunned :D
Don't forget to check my review of her book Parallel HERE.

Without further ado help me welcome... Claudia Lefeve!

Battle Grounds
 A Guest Post by Claudia Lefeve

First off, thank you Alaiel for having me as a guest today on your blog! For those following my book tour, I’m sure some of you are wondering what’s up with my grand-prize giveaway.

Well, it all started with the idea of having my two main characters meet for the first time in a public location. Originally, I had Etta and Cooper meet at a party, but that ended up not working with the storyline. So instead of a college kegger, a coffee shop it became.

After awhile, the coffee shop kind of became its own character in the story, with coffee itself playing a recurring role throughout the book (no doubt due to all the cappuccinos I drank while writing it). And while there’s no lack for coffee in the very real locale of Old Town Alexandria, I chose to make Battle Grounds a fictional coffee house.

In Parallel, Battle Grounds is the only place that remains the same in both realities. Traveling to an alternate reality can be pretty disorienting, so this is both a comfort and a constant for Etta. I have a feeling Battle Grounds will remain unaltered in the various other realities Etta travels to throughout the series.

And the logo? The area of Old Town is both classic and eclectic, so I wanted something vintage and edgy, reflective of the type of scene you’d find in Old Town. There’s also another reason for the design. I totally love skulls, so I wanted to incorporate a little part of me into the logo.

So there you have it, the winner of the grand-prize giveaway will not only receive a one-of-a-kind Battle Grounds travel mug (designed by yours truly), but a bracelet adorned with a coffee mug and a skull charm, designed exclusively for the tour.


  1. Great post. Haha! yeah, you probably did get it all from drinking coffee xD Cool name for a coffee shop though. Great to have you on this blog :)

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