Sunday, October 2, 2011

Holidays, Wedding & Honeymoon

Don't tell me the name of the post doesn't sound like the name of a movie xD

Anywho, how are you all?! It's been almost a month since I could really sit down and write a review or a descent post but somehow it feels like a year... So many things happened in one month, some of them good, some really good and a terrible and horrible one... sigh...

I wasn't sure about telling you all the sad part of the story but I know that you will understand how I feel.

My now-husband proposed to me almost a year ago and I said yes. My parents knew all about it since Juanma asked my dad first (how old fashioned is that?!). He took my dad to a restaurant and they chit-chat about the weather, Switzerland (we were moving here in less than a month), how where my parents doing with the boxes in our house (they were moving to Peru) and then the moment arrived and Juanma poped the question to my dad and his reaction was priceless: "Ostras! Esto sí que no me lo esperaba!" ===> "Shit! I wasn't expecting this!" Believe me, this reaction coming from a man that worked all his life as a diplomat is GREAT xD
And then all he said was: "Well, yeah, I think you both love each other so my answer is yes *looking to the sides* but you know that if she says no then there's nothing I can do, right?".

Hahahaha. Sorry dad, but you were awesome.

Anyway, my parents knew but Juanma's parents didn't. Why? Because he knew his mom wasn't going to be happy about it so he decided to wait a few more months.

I have lived in a lot of countries and travelled to a lot more so my room was filled with pictures, gifts and books... hundreds of books and mangas. All my things were precious to me. Why? Because all of them had a meaning in my life. Maybe because they remembered me of a person that I met, maybe because they remembered me of a certain moment, a certain place, a certain feeling.
And since my parents were moving to Peru I had to find a place for all my boxes until I could bring them with me to Switzerland. I had the perfect person for that but Juanma convinced me to leave them at his parent's house. At first I didn't want to, I knew his mom didn't like me that much but I didn't want to fight with him because of her, I mean, she is his mom, period. So we took them there.

And I'm sure you all are thinking: "No... come on, don't tell me she... No, that's impossible, is too much". Well, she did. As soon as she found out we were going to get married and without his dad knowing she opened each box (18 boxes), took everything in them (clothes, shoes, pictures, gifts, jewelry, my monkey -the one my mom bought for me when I was in her belly- and my precious books and mangas) and threw everything away.
We found out the first day of our holidays, when we arrived to his hometown.

Why did she do that? Well, to stop the wedding of course. Needless to say it didn't work but the first week I was devastated and so was Juanma.

But you know what? At least this showed us that we love each other no matter what and that we won't let the other fall into despair.
Oh, and his mom? She is out of the picture completely. She even said that Juanma asked her to do it and when she noticed that lie was simply too much she just confirmed screaming out loud that she hated me for taking her boy. So yeah, she is completely out of our life.

What am I going to do about everything I lost? Good question. I decided that I want to rebuild my whole collection of books and mangas. It might take a few years, I'm not sure, I need to sit down and write a list of all the books and mangas I had to know how much money I will need but... well, I'm not sure I want to sit and do it, it still hurts to think about them.
The clothes and jewelry I don't really care too much. The worst part is that there's no way I can buy all the special things I collected during my life.

Anywho, after this happened everything was perfect: the wedding was amazing, Juanma's boss and co-workers surprised us with at least two kilos of rice coming our way and the small reception was sweet and funny.

The honeymoon was terrific! I mean, it's impossible to go to Disneyland Paris and not have fun xD

Pictures coming soon, I promise! I just need to choose a few ones to show you because, believe me, you don't want me to show you all the pictures we have... they are at least 350 pictures. At least.

Now all I have to do is sit and write all the reviews of the books I read this month... and that's going to take a while... I need to remember to take notes, sigh.

Oh, and BTW, I missed you all so much! :D


  1. Oh Alaiel, I'm so sorry about it!However look at it from the bright side. The poor, insanely jealous woman is out of the picture now instead of slowly poisoning your relationship. Don't resent her, pity her. As to your memories, it's all in your head, darling, and in your heart. There they are safe. Collect new wonderful mementos, and I wish both of you many more of those :) Welcome back! Can't wait for the pics :)

  2. Firstly, congrats on the marriage, i wish you both a lifetime of happiness.
    Disneyland Paris for a honeymoon? AMAZING - they're couldn't be a better place in my opinion. I'm so pushing for that when I find my man. hehe

    Sorry about all of your possessions, that is truly aweful. I hope you manage to replace some of your things, as for the irreplaceable stuff as Kara says, it will always be in your head and heart and now you can make new memories with your husband.

    Would love to see some pics. Did you meet Mickey Mouse?

  3. Sorry about what happened - that's terrible. But I am glad you and Juanma are happily married at the end of it all.

  4. Oh my gosh Alaiel! I am so sorry for the loss of all of your precious possessions :( I would be truly devastated and I am hoping you are ok and are able to put what you have been through behind you.

    On a brighter note! CONGRATULATIONS on your marriage :) your honeymoon to Paris sounds divine - I am jealous ;) Looking forward to seeing a few pics.

    Sharon @ Obsession with Books

  5. To all of you: Thank you very much. From the bottom of my heart, thanks for your kind words and your good wishes. Both, me and Juanma, are very glad for your support :)

    And I'm still working on the pictures xD

  6. I'm so sorry that happened to you. But I am glad that you are still with your man, and it goes to show what you two can overcome.

    Amy @ Following The Reader


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