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Book Review: Changing the Game

Changing the Game

by Jaci Burton
Series: Play by Play #2
Release date: 2nd August, 2011
Publisher: Berkley Heat
Pages: 229 (Hardcover bought by me)
Next book: Taking a Shot

Summary from Goodreads:

Win at any cost. That's always been the mantra of sports agent Liz Darnell. When she carries things too far and risks losing her number-one client, baseball pro Gavin Riley, Liz realizes that she'll have to work extra innings to win him back. It might not be too much of a stretch. She's had a thing for this player's moves since she first laid eyes on him, and by the looks of it, he wants her just as bad. Gavin's more than ready—especially when Liz is offering herself as part of the bargain. And as much of her as Gavin wants. For added thrills, he decides to throw a little curve ball Liz's way to see just how far she's truly willing to go to keep him as a client. But when love unexpectedly enters the playing field, neither Liz nor Gavin are ready for the biggest game-changer of them all.

Review By Alaiel Kreuz:

And she has done it again. Jaci Burton, I mean. Don't ask me how but at the end of the first book Elizabeth Darnell was top of my list "Despicable and horrible people" and believe me, she had earned that place. How was Jaci Burton going to transform her into the heroine of her second book?!?!?! I couldn't believe she was going to be able to... But she did it, oh boy she did it.

The last thing we knew about Elizabeth Darnell was that she was fired by Mick Riley (main character of the first book) after she used her girlfriend's son, Nathan, to promote him in a really cruel way. So yes, I was happy when he fired her.
But she didn't lose a client, she lost one of her best friends and his family that had been like a family for her during years... especially Gavin, Mick's little brother and her secret crush for at least 4 years.
And what did she do when Mick fired her? The only thing her mind could think of: give Gavin a kiss before he fired her following his brother's steps. And this is were everything begins because after that kiss Gavin's POV about Liz changed completely. During years she was nothing but his manager, tossing beautiful women to his arms and promoting him like no one else could but after she kissed him he saw her as a woman for the first time.

Even Gavin had to admit, despite the fact that Liz was bossy, stubborn, impertinent and... well, herself, she was also a gorgeous and sexy woman. And that woman was hiding from him afraid of losing another client. What could he do is she was avoiding him at all cost and not returning his calls?!

Obviously he had to catch her with her guard down and seduce her until she would scream for him to take her.

But it wasn't going to be that easy since what began like a "not strings attached" thing developed into something they didn't understand: a relationship. And with a family tragedy coming their way they had to take the decision really soon...

In a personal note: if you are looking for a sexy, funny, amazing and HOT read this is your book. Well, the first book in the series is amazing too so, why don't you buy both of them? Seriously guys, you are going to love them. The covers are to die for, the characters are well developed and you will want to read the third book (coming out next year). Why? Because is about Jenna, Mick and Gavin's little sister, and Tyler Anderson, one heck of a sexy and hot hockey player... *already daydreaming about him*

Don't forget to prepare the fan, ladies, because just like the first one this book is going to make you sweat, trust me ;)

Alaiel's Rating:

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