Tuesday, July 26, 2011

500 Followers Giveaway @ LC's Adventures!

You all know how much I LOVE international giveaways, right? And that's because, well, I live in Europe  and believe me, I like it here in Switzerland but they only read in German (which I'm trying to learn) and French (which I learnt a little little little bit... very little in fact^^U) so yeah, sorry, I'm totally in love with international giveaways, woohoo!

So I'm letting you all know about this one:

Just go to LC's Adventures and fill the form there. Or click on the button in my side-bar.
What you can win? There's going to be 3 winners; the 1º one will get two books and the other two will get one book. Pretty cool, huh?

So, what are you waiting for?! Go :D


  1. aw... I'm totally agree with you... but I've never won an international giveaway :( hope in this one... :P

    I've gone 3 times in Switzerland. It's really awesome place, but in my opinion too quiet and too expensive!!
    btw, 2 years ago I attended a spanish class :D
    It was pretty nice :D

  2. Hi Lilith! I was checking your "about me" in Blogger but I can't find a way to answer you :(
    Anyway, if you read this...
    - About Switzerland being:
    To quiet = check (and I hate it)
    To expensive = check (and I hate that even more, sigh).

    And I'm glad you liked your Spanish class, hehe. I think it's pretty similar to Portuguese and Italian, don't you think?

    Hugs :D

  3. I know... in my profile there isn't anything of useful xD
    aw... in which canton do you live? Italian, German or French?

    I never studied Portuguese, but about Italian you're right. they're pretty similar :D
    Sometimes, do you come back in Spain? expecially in this period I think Spanish weather is more pleasant than Swiss one :D


  4. I live in Basel, right next to France and Germany so here people speak "Swiss-German", a mix between French and German... and believe me, that's super weird xD
    And about going to Spain, actually, I'm going in September, woohoo! I can barely wait... I miss the sun and the beach... right now all I can see through my window is rain, and it's supposed to be summer, sigh (and I love rain, but I miss my "proper" summer xD).


  5. a mix between French and German... omg xD
    just weird? XD opino que se trata de un eufemismo (is it correct? :) )

    hope you have a great holiday! (on september, I mean...)

    hugs :D

  6. Thanks, I'm sure I'm going to have a great time :D
    And I actually, you wrote it perfect! Well done!

    Then you had more than one class, right? Because the word "eufemismo" is actually a really difficult one in Spanish :)


  7. yes! 9 months, 3 classes every week. nevertheless the analogies with Italian helped me a lot. I'm an Italian mothertongue :P

  8. Ohhhhh, I want to learn Italian!!! I've always thought it's such a nice language!
    And yep, I'm sure Italian helps a lot to speak Spanish (at least Spanish helped me a lot to learn Portuguese, hehe).


  9. xD I always thought the same thing about Spanish!
    furthermore my Spanish teacher is such a lovely person! She makes me love Spanish! <3
    In case you begin to learn Italian, if you need any aid just ask :D

  10. I wish I could say the same about my German teacher... :(
    Nevertheless, now I'm studying using at home and I think I'm learning more xD
    And yes, I'd love to learn a few things in Italian. Can I give you my e-mail so we can talk there? I'm afraid we are going to write a loooooot here, hahaha.


  11. ahahahah you're right! XD

    I think I just discovered it.
    I'm sending you an e-mail :P

  12. Aw, that sucks that you don't know German too! I know some. Actually have a German book on my shelf... People here only reads in Swedish, but at least I've known that my whole life. BUT they stick with Thrillers, which I don't read. So hello English Paranormal & Romance books!

    Thanks for sharing! I adore international giveaways too! (Obviously, lol!)

  13. Thank you so much for sharing.


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