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World Wide Covers! #3 (My new meme)

Hello everyone and welcome to World Wide Covers!, woohoo!

A quick recap:
What is this about? Well, most book lovers also enjoy pretty covers, right? Pretty covers help the selling of certain books improving the attention they may get. And we like to stare at them for as long as we can.
But what about the covers of other countries? What about the marvelous covers some publishers release for the books? We never get to see them unless we go looking for them.

This is were World Wide Covers! steps in. Maybe I will post a comparison or maybe I will show you a certain cover for a graphic novel. Some news you may find interesting.
From where? Everywhere! Japan, Korea, India, Brasil, Spain, Italy, Germany, etc, etc.

Can you participate? Of course, the more the merrier, right? So here are the rules:
- Create a post using the meme button sharing some love for the covers we don't usually find.
- Credit my blog, Librarian Mouse, by mention it or linking back here.
- Have fun!
There is nor a special day to post this meme since you may find pretty covers any day but I will try to stick to Thursdays as long as I can.

This week World Wide Covers! features City of Bones by Cassandra Clare.

City of Bones US cover

I'm sure everybody knows this cover and this amazing series, right? No surprises here, of course but, have you seen the Bulgarian cover?! No?! Well, enjoy it because it is really pretty. I'll be showcasing the next ones in the forthcoming weeks ;)

City of Bones

by Cassandra Clare
Release date: 10th February, 2010
Publisher: ИБИС

Summary from Goodreads: (translated by Google)
A thousand years ago the angel Raziel mixed his blood with human and created Nephilim. Human, poluangeli, they roam in our world, invisible, but always near us - they are our protectors.

They call themselves Shadow Hunters.

Shadow Hunters follow the laws written in the Gray Book, given to them by the angels. Their mission is to protect our world from invaders coming from other dimensions and called demons - creatures that roam between the worlds and destroy everything in its path. Shadow Hunters are tasked to keep the peace among Dolnozemtsite: human, poludemoni known to us as witches, vampires, werewolves and fairies.

In its mission are supported by the mysterious Silent Brothers, whose lips and eyes are sewn. Silent brothers took over the city of bones, city cemetery, located beneath the streets of Manhattan, which kept the bodies of dead hunters of shadows. Silent Brothers keep records of every Shadow Hunter since its birth. Among them are and the Deathly Hallows, the three sacred objects that the angel Raziel gave to their children: Sword, Mirror and Boca.

For a thousand years the Nephilim guarded the Deathly Hallows. But that was before the uprising, for which almost destroyed the secret world of the Shadow Hunters. Though Valentine, the Shadow Hunter that caused the uprising, is long dead, the damage he left behind hasn't being wiped away yet.

It's been fifteen years and the rumor that Valentine is back and brings with him an army of soulless means death is coming...

I fell in love with the US covers from the moments I saw them, the models were good (if not amazing!), the background city captures the eye very easily and the brightness it has is very seductive, don't you think?

But I also LOVE the Bulgarian cover. The concept is the same, the colors change a little bit and it's obvious they wanted to keep it very similar but whoever draw this is AMAZING! The guy's hair looks cool while his tattoos and that wicked expression complete the whole thing :]

What do you think about it?
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  1. I prefer the US version but i don't mind the Bulgarian cover either.

    Great pick! =D


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