Friday, July 6, 2012

Cover reveal: Shades of Earth (Across The Universe #3) and I'm upset...

Shades of Earth
by Beth Revis
Release Date: 15th January, 2013

Official Blurb:

The final book in the trilogy by New York Times bestselling author Beth Revis!

Amy and Elder have finally left the oppressive walls of the spaceship Godspeed behind. They're ready to start life afresh--to build a home--on Centauri-Earth, the planet that Amy has traveled 25 trillion miles across the universe to experience. But this new Earth isn't the paradise that Amy had been hoping for. Amy and Elder must race to uncover who--or what--else is out there if they are to have any hope of saving their struggling colony and building a future together. But as each new discovery brings more danger, Amy and Elder will have to look inward to the very fabric of what makes them human on this, their most harrowing journey yet. Because if the colony collapses? Then everything they have sacrificed--friends, family, life on Earth--will have been meaningless.

So here I am, getting angrier and angrier by the second... Why? Well, I don't know about you but I love to have matching covers. It is, perhaps, one of the most important things about a series, specially when I look at my shelves. You see, every time my eyes pass by and I notice that I have different covers (or sizes) for the same series it HURTS. Like hell.

And I'm not kidding, I even cringe.

My point? I just noticed that Razorbill (AKA Penguin) made the cover reveal for Shades of Earth, the final book in the Across the Universe series. And it looks nothing like the previous books. At all. The worst part? They won't release a matching cover.
On the contrary, they will release new editions of Across the Universe and A Million Suns to match the thrid book cover.
And the three books will look like this:

Honestly? I don't like them that much. They certainly look different and it will increase the market which is why they are doing this. And I respect that. But they could, at least, release a few books for us, crazy people, that like to have matching covers.

So yeah, this is my opinion and you could even say I'm exaggerating. Maybe I am. But it's because I care.

I would love to know your opinion about this and to know if you, also, like to have matching covers.


  1. noooooo noooo nooo nooo nooo nooo nooo noo nooo nooo nooo nooo nooo noooo. i wish to see the new earth and a silloute of amy and elder

  2. @roro: I know... I wanted to see the same... I'm so disappointed :(

  3. @Nicole: I'm glad you like :D That means at least some of you appreciate the new angle they are trying to give to the series.
    But I would also be upset if I had the other books signed and no third book to match them... sigh.

    I'm really sorry.

  4. Wow I'm totally with you! I personally like the original covers so much better. The originals are GORGEOUS and I adore them. I literally *just* ordered the 'original' Across the Universe. Even if I could cancel the order, I still wouldn't, just because I like the original cover so much more. I'm actually really not a fan of these new ones.

    Ugh. Disappointed.

  5. If these had been the original covers I would have liked them. They look more my style. But because they are re-issues and I already have 1+2 I'm more than a little annoyed. I'm also obsessed with having my series match and I hate that this is the new trend now!

  6. @Ashley: I hear ya. I would be upset if I just had ordered the first book and then realized they were going to release new covers... I'm really sorry, but as you already know, I also prefer the original covers.

    Sigh... so not fair.

  7. @Christa @ Hooked on Books: Glad you like them :D Maybe I would have liked them too if they were the original ones but, as you point out, I also have the first two books and the third one won't match... which sucks.

    They could, at least, release special edition jackets, you know? They could sell it themselves and get all the money.
    Maybe I should send them an e-mail explaining my idea xD

  8. I hate it when this happens :( I also want my covers to match. If I like a redesign more than the original (like the new Shatter Me covers) then I would still dislike it, but I would probably buy the new ones. But in this case, I really dislike these new covers and the old ones are so pretty!

    I agree with you, I understand that publishers want to redesign covers to increase the market, but do it after all the books are already released or release a matching cover for the first ones!
    I'm really upset since I LOVE this series :(

  9. @Kim: Yeah... As I said, if they want to increase the market that's fine, I get it but what about us? What about all the people that support this series and bought the original books because we like them?

    It seems pretty unfair that they forget all about us and decide to release the final book with a completely different design... Grrrr.

  10. It's so frustrating! I just don't understand why they do this so often. It's the Nightshade series all over again. I loved the original covers, but they just had to change them up. There's no way to have a matching hardcover set now.

  11. @Maria: Absolutely true! I also have the whole Nightshade series and my covers don't match... And personally I LOVED the first cover of Nightshade with the girl with purple hair and flowers :]

    I was so sad when they changed them! And now they are doing the same with Across the Universe in the last book! That is so wrong...

  12. It looks to me like they are changing their target from just YA to scifi because these books look completely scifi and could be any age group now and I think the cover is going to appeal to boys a lot more now. Which is good as you say, this gives the books more coverage and gain more readers but it's the last book in the series and they could have at least released a matching cover to go with the first two books. I mean if they can change Across the Universe's cover twice, first to match A Million Suns and now this cover rehaul I don't see why they can't release two different covers for Shades of the Earth.

    Scribing Shadows

  13. This is one of the reasons why I don't buy the first book in a series right after they release, although this happened after the second book and even though i don't have this series on my bookshelf yet, I like the previous covers better and now I can't even buy the previous covers if I decide to buy them (I haven't read the series yet and I'm not sure if I will like it yet).

    And then there's Nightshade, the original cover for the first book is so gorgeous, and newer ones are kind of plane compared to the original.

    They probably think that some readers will want to have matching covers so badly that will buy the other books in the series again, they're forcing people to re-buy, at least that's part of what it seems like to me, I know their doing this to reach more people, but still.

    I feel like they're doing this to pretty much every series, or at least trying to, although when they reprint books with the movie covers or tv show covers, at least they still keep printing the original covers, if only publishers would do that when they decide to use new covers in the middle of a series.

    Nazish @ Nazish Reads

  14. @Sandy from Scribing Shadows: I absolutely agree with you, they could, at least, release two editions. or better yet, release the third book matching the other covers and then re-release the whole series with the new ones.

    That would make this whole thing easier for us.

  15. @Nazish: Yeah, I also think that they want us to re-buy the whole series again. Maybe that is not their prime target but they know, for sure, that we readers like to have matching covers. I mean, let's face it, YA is more appealing to girls and we like pretty things. Specially pretty things that match.

    So, in my case, I'm sure I won't re-buy the other books. That is so not happening.

    As for the Nightshade series: yes, the cover for the second and third book was very plane compared to the first cover of Nightshade. It was also a huge disappointment :(

  16. I hate them. I really do. And I'm obsessed with matching books too. So this just ruins by collection. And I thought the starry covers were some of the best covers ever in YA books! Which makes this so much worse.

  17. I hate when they continue to change the covers but actually . . . I'm loving these new covers! Finally a book without cover models!

  18. @Krysta: I feel your pain, trust me. I don't understand what they are doing at all...

  19. @Erin W: Hahaha, I'm glad you really like them! Actually, if the circumstances were different I probably would find them appealing too but I'm just to angry right now xD

  20. I don't like the new covers either. And I also like to have matching covers. Lame.

  21. I hate hate hate cover redesigns that happen mid-series. Want to redo them after they are all released? Fine! But not midway, that is just cruel!

  22. @Stephanie: Lame indeed... I wish they could just release a matching cover for book 3, you know? :(

  23. @andrea b: Yeah, cover redesigns in the middle of a series are so freaking annoying! I seriously don't understand why they are doing this... Yes, to improve the market but come on, they could at least wait to release the third book and then re-release the whole series...

  24. OMG I think we should start a petition or something! I think I wouldn't have been that excited to read the series with THOSE covers! The original HC ones are BEAUTIFUL!! This is one series I am actually collecting in HC and this is what they do to me? OMG my week has been destroyed just seeing those covers. Seriously.

  25. @Abby: I alsthought about creating a petition or something but then... I have no idea how to do it... Sigh.

    And yeah, they ruined my collection too... Grrrr... What I would do for them to know that.

  26. I want matching covers too...I hate it when I have mismatches...but they do happen. I'd love it if they released even a small amount of books with a cover that matches the first two.


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