Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Blog's 1 year Blogoversary!!!

Can you believe it? Because I sure can't. Honestly. For the last two months I've been thinking, non-stop: "You have to remember to check the date of your first post, it's important. Do NOT forget it". And then I did... every single day. Go figure ¬¬

But then again, that's just like me xD So, my "real" blogoversary was the 4th of June which means it was three days ago. And that means that my little mouse can say something like this...

And, from the bottom of our hearts we have to thank YOU for being there, for your comments, your tweets, your thoughts and your prayers whenever I asked for them.

When I began I wasn't sure what was going to happen, maybe my blog would last 3 months, maybe 7 months or maybe I would give up pretty quickly. You see, the blogosphere was (and sometimes it still is) completely new to me. One day, thanks to a dear friend, I found wonderful blogs full of pictures, full of energy, full of amazing reviews written with amazing words... and then I got to "meet" some of you through Twitter and it was AWESOME.

After a few months I thought "I want to be an active part of this... I want to be a small part of something so big, so cool and wicked". Which is when I began to create my blog, thinking about a name for it, a picture, a way to offer my reviews in a neat and different way. That's how my "Review/Library" tap saw the light. From there you can scroll and see the covers of all the books I've reviewed.

Still, I had to learn a lot of things, like how to write in HTML, how to use GIMP to edit pictures and create different things, how to improve my English in order to write better reviews, how to use Twitter... you know, that sweet frenemy we all have (at least I do xD) and I still need to learn more about it, sigh. And then how to market my blog using all the tools out there which, let me tell you, wasn't easy.

But I managed to do it and is not looking bad ;)

- GFC: 1499.
- Linky Followers: 147.
- Twitter Followers: 1191
- E-mail and RSS: 1462
- FB Page (fairly new): 40
- Friends around the blogosphere: All of you.

It might sound cliche but sometimes I feel like Cinderella (minus the whole horrible stepmother and ugly sisters, thank goodness!), you know?

I never though I would find a HUGE community of book lovers and somehow always assumed that my love for books was seeing as weird for everybody else around me (except for you, Nathiel) but still, the majority of my friends never picked a book up if not for school... and then there was me, using all my money to buy more books and more mangas.

If I had to express my feelings towards books I think this pic could say it all:

When I think of books I think of dreams, of adventures, of magic, of fantasy, of love, of hate, of nightmares, of hope and despair, loyalty and war, knight in white armor and assassins hiding in the shadows, of friends and foes.
And my imagination keeps flying, always going higher and higher.

But without you we wouldn't be here. And lucky you we like to share the happiness whenever we can :] Because, you know, we are cool like that.

So here is what I have for you, amazing reader, wonderful commenter, dear friend:

Two (2) winners will get the chance to get each $50 in books from The Book Depository! And if by the end of the giveaway I can I'll add one more winner :D

All you have to do, as always, is fill the rafflecopter form and that's it. And if have read the whole post without skipping to the giveaway a HUGE hug for you ;)

Have fun and may the odds be in your favor!
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