Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday (10)

- "Waiting On Wednesday" is a weekly event, hosted in Breaking the Spine. This meme spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.
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This week my WoW is about a book that sounds fun and intriguing. If you haven't heard of it just look at the cover, read the summary and tell me what you think of it:

Name: Death and the Girl Next Door
Author: Darynda Jones
Release Date: 2nd October, 2012

Official blurb:
Ten years ago, Lorelei's parents disappeared without a trace. Raised by her grandparents and leaning on the support of her best friends, Lorelei is finally beginning to accept the fact that her parents are never coming home. For Lorelei, life goes on.

High school is not quite as painful as she thinks it will be, and things are as normal as they can be. Until the day the school's designated loner, Cameron Lusk, begins to stalk her, turning up where she least expects it, standing outside her house in the dark, night after night. Things get even more complicated when a new guy—terrifying, tough, sexy Jared Kovach—comes to school. Cameron and Jared instantly despise each other and Lorelei seems to be the reason for their animosity. What does Jared know about her parents? Why does Cameron tell Jared he can't have Lorelei? And what will any of them do when Death comes knocking for real?

Thrilling, sassy, sexy, and inventive, Darynda Jones's first foray into the world of teens will leave readers eager for the next installment.

Have you read other books by Darynda Jones? Because I haven't but I'm about to start with her Charley Davidson series very soon.

Also, let me know what's your WoW so I can add more books to my wishlist, hehe.



  1. The Charley Davidson series is awesome! They are incredibly funny (to the point that people are staring at you, wondering if you're crazy because you can't stop laughing) and you'll get to meet Reyes Farrows...yummy.

  2. OMG! I haven't heard of this. How come I've NEVER heard of this. Man! I want it SO badly. Great pick! Seriously, thanks for sharing this. SO adding this on my top TBR pile! :D

    Drop by my WoW?

  3. I haven't but it sounds really good! I usually love books that involve a little bit of high school drama :) Great pick and thanks for the heads up!

    My WoW

  4. Did not hear about that one!! Sounds awesome!

    One teeny tiny complainant which has no effect on me since I plan on reading it, the cover models so don't look like high schoolers. The one on the left especially!

    Oh well. It's already added to my booklist now! Thanks for sharing!

    Here's my WoW

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  5. Sounds like a totally fun book, but I hate that there's a love triangle. I'm not a fan of love triangles. They bother me too much. :P

    Great pick !

    My WoW

  6. Sounds like a great choice. Have fun reading!

  7. This sounds AMAZING! Fantastic pick. Please stop by my WoW. And if you have a minute check out our giveaway of A Girl Named Digit!

    Anna @ Wandering Librarians

  8. the story sounds really good, I need to add it to my TBR list.
    My WOW

  9. This looks really good!

    I need to start checking up on upcoming books because I feel really behind. I haven't heard of this one until your post!



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