Thursday, May 31, 2012

May TBR Reading Challenge Wrap Up Post

Since I've been kind of out the last months I didn't write wrap up posts in February, March and April so I'm going to do it quickly, ok?

- Tempest Rising (review)
- My Soul to Take (review)

- My Soul to Save (review)

- My Soul to Keep (review)
- Reaper (review)
- Divergent (review)

- My Soul to Steal (review)
- If I Die (review)
- The Girl in the Steel Corset (review)

As for the mini challenge the only cover I can remember right now that I used to hate is:

What did I dislike? Absolutely everything: the colors, the picture of the guy, his little and short hairs (that are supposed to be one day a mustache) and the font. So yeah, everything.
But the story was good so I didn't care... much.

Gladly for me (and a few others) the author changed the cover for this one:

Which yes, I like a lot. And this cover says much more than than old one :D


  1. I totally agree about the cover!! I didn't have any interest in the book at first but then I saw the new cover and read it right away! :)

  2. You're right the new cover is a definite improvement! The font looked weird on the original.
    And your progress is inspiring me to read some Rachel Vincent - looks like you're enjoying it


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