Tuesday, December 27, 2011

January is NetGalley Month!

The 'rules' are really simple:
1. Declare yourself!
Write up a post, share it on Facebook, Tweet, sky writing, carrier pigeons...Somehow, let the world know you're participating and link it up below.
2. Read NetGalley books in January!
And tell us about them in February :)

These are the main rules but if you want to know more about it just click HERE to go directly to the original post.

Sadly the last time I participate in this event I barely finished one book... I know... But this time I promised myself that I'm going to read as much books from NetGalley as I can! So yeah, I declare January to be NetGalley month, woohoo!!!

My first book is going to be:

And what about you? Are you going to declare yourself? ^^

I finished with Legacy and my review is HERE.
I read also Spellbound and my review will be up soon.

The book I'm reading now is "The Demon Lover".

I have to read so much these days to catch up!!! OMG!

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