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Book Review: Mystic Embrace

Mystic Embrace

by Charlotte Blackwell
Series: Embrace #3
Release date: 1st November, 2011
Publisher: World Castle Publishing
Pages: 132 (ebook given by the author in exchange for an honest review)
Next Book: Unknown

Summary from Goodreads:

Ebony Triggs and her sister have accepted their birthright to be the magnificent ones, protectors of the innocent. They have been working on improving their magickal powers with the help of close friends the Pierce family. Ebony and Eliza have been working hard, with one common goal in mind, destroying the demon that killed their parents sixteen years ago. Will they ever find him and succeed at destroying him or will fighting evil become a daily occurrence for the sisters?

Entering her senior year of high school, Ebony already has more than most teens on her plate, but when things continue to change in her life she must rely on her immortal friends, the Pierce’s to help get her through. Ebony and her boyfriend Matt like most teens are looking at the future and what will happen after life in high school. But when plans change will they be faced with even bigger issues?

Ebony soon realizes that the Pierce’s and her close friends will need her as much as she needs them. She thought learning of her mystical powers was the greatest test of her life, but it was only just the beginning.

Review By Alaiel Kreuz:

So far I think this is the best book in this series. So let me tell you about it and then you can decide.

Just by looking at the cover I could already tell that this book was going to be from Ebony's point of view and it was really well developed. After discovering that both she and her sister were The Magnificent ones they started to practice a lot with her grandmother, Miss Edwina, to improve and fulfill their destiny. Her goal? To destroy the demon that had killed their parents when their were young.

But they weren't alone. A family of vampires had move to their city a year ago and they had became friends with them. The Pierce family were old friends who had known their ancestors and now they were going to become the rock that would support Eliza and Ebony after the sudden and tragic death of her grandmother.

But more changes wer in their way, big changes. And Matt, Ebony'a boyfriend, was also completing his training as a Guardian and the only thing left for him to do was to die and in order to became the Guardian he was meant to be but what was Ebony going to do then? Would he return and be her Guardian or would he be force to protect other witch?

And to complicate things more someone was coming after them and an unexpected baby was in her way... What else was going to happen next?!

Personal opinion:
One thing I can asure you: You won't get bored. It's impossible, really. To many things happen at the same time and you just have to keep turning pages.
I loved that this book combined the supernatural with the live of group of teenagers that had to deal with life like every other person. They felt real, their emotions and their worries were also believable and I followed the plot in a very pleasant way.

As I said before, so far the best of the series. And the ending leaves you happy and worried at the same time so, Charlotte, you did a really good job. I want to read the next one already.

Alaiel's Rating:

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  1. Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed Mystic Embrace. It was my favorite too, although as Everlasting Embrace builds, it's becoming another fave of mine. Can't wait to share it with everyone.


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