Friday, June 17, 2011

I already have followers?! And review of Spartan Heart Part I

Hey, hi! xD Sorry, I wasn't expecting followers so soon, hehe.
Anyway, hopefully this evening I'll post a few more reviews, yay! Is not that I'm being lazy, in fact, I'm trying to do a really cool thing with my "Library" but for that I need to learn a few things about XHTML... good thing my boyfriend is an IT, hehe.

My first review is already in the "Review/Library" section an is about Spartan Heart Part 1 by Kristine Cheney so please, feel free to go and check it. It's an awesome book! Here is the link if you want to buy it in Amazon:

And also since there is a few people here I'll post about giveaways that I found and liked a lot so... stay tunned! (and give me a couple of seconds, hehe).



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