Saturday, June 4, 2011

I did it! I have my blog!!!

Sorry, I need to scream a little more...


Ehem... *blushing a little* thanks for waiting. So, yes, this is my first post in my awesome brand new blog... I'm so excited!!!

What will you find here? Most likely reviews of the books and maybe (big maybe) reviews about series,movies and manga.
In my reviews I'll be completely honest and I will give between 1 and 5 points (or cheeses, that is. I am a mouse, remember?).
After making a review I'll post it in: Goodreads, The Book Depository and Random House. Unless, of course, I'm asked to post it somewhere else too.

If you want to know more about me, please, check the "About Me" section and if you want to contact me please, go to the "Contact" section.

I'll do my best to update as frequently as I can and I'll be hosting a few giveaways when the time comes.

Since my first language is Spanish be patient with me if I have a few mistakes, ok? Or if I, suddenly, use a word in Spanish or Portuguese (I can get crazy like that).

I'm also new in this but I'll try my best to do a good job and have fun with you all.

Besos y abrazos,



  1. Hey Crazy Girl!! (Okay that sounds better in spanish...) Glad to see you round here^^ But now I have to create a new blog... sigh... What when why?? Wait a minute when did YOU get a hamster? And how comes I didn't know come on!!!^^
    Anyways... if your a libarian mouse what am I a rat (Okay only because it's bigger) my mum used to say I was a wolf because it seems like I gobbled the books up rather than reading them!! And I prefer meat to cheese^^

  2. xD I love you too, Nathiel! I love hamster... they are so cute! xD I'll show you my hamster soon, don't worry^^
    And, yeah, blame Juanma for my nickname of "mouse"... but I think it's cute too. And you... well, yeah, let's say you are a wolf, I like it more than rat :D

    Love you!


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