Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Hello beautiful people! So, I've been thinking a couple of things for the blog and I need a few ideas from all of you. I mean, I write this blog because of you, right? And I really, really, want to get to know you all better. I had managed to do so with a few of you but still... I would love to make more friends :]

One of my biggest problems is the comments. Why? Well, sometimes you leave me a comment that requires and answer and I don't know what to do exactly:
a) Answer it in the comment section and wonder for eternity if you ever read it.
b) Try to find your e-mail in your profile section.
c) Try to use telepathy?
d) Smoke signals?

I think that, since I can't come up with a better idea, I'm going to ask you all what you think it's better. Maybe leave your e-mail if you want an answer? Create a section for Q & A?
And any other suggestions you may have, please, feel free to let me know^^ Do you want to see more memes? A change of colors maybe? A search bar?
Suggestions, suggestions, this is your chance to speak and be heard!
Love you all^^


  1. Well, I prefer e-mails but it honestly makes more sense for you to respond in the comment area. As a plus, you get more comments (even if they are from you)!

  2. @Shelby: That's a really good point, thanks for answering :D

  3. a search bar would be very helpful.
    if your readers want a reply, all they have to do is click "subscribe by email" to get your replies... it's right there at the corner of this comment box. and then they can unsubscribe once u answer their comment and they don't have anything else to say.

  4. Memes are always fun. I only participate in the memes that I like to see on other blogs. So when you do some blog stalking, choose the ones that you like to read. A menu bar is always helpful I don't really use a Search Box. A section for Q&A sounds interesting. Only I don't fully understand what that would entail.

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  5. I prefer telepathy. This way, I can identify you as a fellow force user!


Something to share? (cheese would be awesome!) I love to read your comments :]